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A wealth of events, courses, training, workshops and meetings are happening across the UK – from writing with refugees, the elderly and families to new ways of engaging with stories and poems. In healthcare, education and the community we are working with writing and words in ways which inspire, connect and promote communication, physical and emotional health, and enjoyment. 

Whether you want to write creatively yourself or use writing in your work with others, Lapidus: the Writing for Wellbeing organisation links you to the information and networks you need.

Lapidus promotes writing and words for wellbeing through its work with other organisations and support of its members who are interested in, or working with others to encourage, the use of writing for health and wellbeing.

The Lapidus Journal provides insights into the writing activities of poets, writers and facilitators working in diverse settings from prisons, to schools, to hospitals, to the community. It also debates the ways in which writing contributes to the wellbeing of indviduals, groups and communities.

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The annual LAPIDUS WEEKEND and AGM in Bristol in October 2013 brought a gathering of Lapidus members to hear poet Matt Harvey, author and grief educator Ted Bowman and six more speakers addressing diverse aspects of Words for Wellbeing including Hip Hop and poetry therapy, writing humour and working with multiple abilities. Read more about this inspiring day here 



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Coming soon! LAPIDUS JOURNAL Autumn 2014: Due out in mid-November.

LAPIDUS JOURNAL Spring 2014: Healing is the theme of our Spring issue of the Lapidus Journal

Janet Goldsworthy explores depression and using its hidden language to find out more about ourselves in Searching for Spiritual Gold, while Gerry Ryan goes behind bars to open up about the healing power of writing in prison. 

Have you ever got stuck measuring outcomes and impact for your writing workshops and wellbeing courses? Anne Mulkeen Murray helps by examining how you can measure the impact of writing for wellbeing. Someone that has been doing just that work is Lisa Rossetti who evaluates the impact on wellbeing of creative writing in Recovery College settings. 

And no matter what mood you come to the Lapidus Journal with, there is something to help. If you’re suffering sadness, lowness, stress or relationship issues, Bethany Rivers recommends a dose of poetry to make you feel better. 


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Bethany Rivers

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Gerry Ryan

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