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Creative Bridges: Work & Research with Words for Wellbeing - 29 & 30 July 2017

A collaborative venture between Lapidus and the Metanoia Institute.

Creative Bridges is a collaborative and interdisciplinary conference drawing on the professional, practical and personal experience of researchers, practitioners, and participants to explore and expand the diversity of words for wellbeing from a range of disciplines (literature, counselling & psychotherapy, neuropsychology, medicine, emotional geography, socio-spiritual approaches), to showcase relevant research and practice, assess the current picture of the field and find inspiring and robust ways forward for words for wellbeing research and practice.

News: Website developments

We have been listening to your feedback and we are currently enhancing it to improve your experience. Please bear with us. We expect the new, fully fledged website to be alive from May. In the meantime, we will be releasing exclusive previews, news and opportunities to get involved, so please keep returning. If you have any:

Website queries – please email
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News: Logo Competition

Could you do better than our current logo? As part of our revamp of the Lapidus website, we are running a competition to find a new logo for Lapidus. Something that reflects and captures the essence our three Lapidus principles:

  • In pursuit of gold
  • the strength of stone
  • the light in the dark

We seek a logo that inspires for the future with colours of yellows/gold/orange/white/grey and high contrast.
Don't worry, we will not be judging your artistic ability; any kind of drawing is fine, no matter how 'childlike.'

The short deadline is midnight on Thursday, 23 February so that we can judge the entries at our Lapidus Board meeting on 25 February.
And it's a handsome prize for the winner; £30 for a Lapidus member or, for a non-member, a year's free membership of Lapidus. Please send your logo drawings to

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Spring Edition 2017

Writing in Nature

Welcome to the first Lapidus Journal of 2017!  We hope it will be a bright torch leading us into Spring, and a gold-mine of inspiration.

Our theme for this journal is Writing in Nature.  Although when you look out of your window, the trees are bare, and snowdrops have not yet poked their way out of the wet dark soil to light the first days of Spring.  Your Lapidus Journal is the antidote for the post-Christmas blues!

Be transported by Alison Clayburn’s recollections of writing amongst lush greenery in the park, and uplifted by Kate Noakes’ poems that delight in reveries of the cheer of mushroom soup or beautiful sunsets. Read our new Journal here!





Francesca Baker    Alison Clayburn   Bridget Holding

   Daniela Pesconi-Arthur    Kate Pawsey   Lizzie Baillie   

    Fiona Owen      Kate Noakes