Sample Lapidus Journal articles

Here you can view sample articles from different issues of Lapidus Journal 2010-2013. Lapidus Membership gives you access to the full archive as well as 3 issues per year for only £30 Individual Membership or £150 Organisational Membership (JOIN LAPIDUS button top right of your screen)


title Author
Writing What Can't be Mended Philip Gross
International Conference of Culture, Health and Wellbeing

Nikki Bennett & Barbara Bloomfield

A Precious Space: Working in Libraries Rob Henley
Life is Like a Waiting Game - working with asylum seekers Miriam Halahmy
Why Research? Kate Evans
Connecting with Kids
through Stories
by Denise B Lacher, Todd Nichols, Melissa Nichols and Joanne C May
Amanda Alston
Poetry and Story
Therapy: The Healing Power of Creative Expression
by Geri Giebel Chavis
Cathy Wilson
Therapeutic Journal
Writing: An Introduction for Professionals
by Kate Thompson
Dawn McHale

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