Connect With Your Lapidus Network

May 2016: The Lapidus Board is currently reviewing the process for adding members of the Lapidus Network to this page.

Lapidus members work in and alongside a variety of organisations, across the fields of education, health, prisons, social work and therapy, amongst others. These Lapidus members are currently using writing in their practice with others in groups and individually, and as a tool in their own reflective practice.

They often work in different parts of the UK, but we have listed here where they are based:

Across the UK and Internationally

Leah Thorn

London & South East

Members: to input your details, please email asking for your  details to be included.

DISCLAIMER:  The Lapidus Network pages publish information about members' skills, experience and areas of work. Lapidus advocates adherence to its Ethical Code and recommends that practitioners obtain appropriate supervision, insurance and DBS clearance.  At the moment, Lapidus cannot accredit practitioners and it remains the responsibility of prospective employers to check qualifications, experience and references.