Lapidus Humber-Ouse-Tweed

Next regional meeting 

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Saturday 17th September 2016, 10.00 am - 4.00 pm, Workshops & AGM at The Friends' Meeting House, Quaker Close, Scarborough, YO12 5QZ

Workshops facilitated by - Sallie Cooper: ‘childhood rituals, then and now’ & Sue Wilson: ‘Travelling Light. A Writing Journey Towards Ourselves’

Saturday 12th March 2016: the return of our ever popular smorgasbord of delights. We enjoyed two gently facilitated workshops to get us inspired and support us in our writing and our self-reflexion. ‘A string of story pearls - writing some of the stories of our lives,’ a taster session with Sallie Cooper. Plus ‘Let me play among the stars - writing about our place in the universe’ with Hilary Jenkins.

12th December 2015. We had an excellent day of writing facilitated by Sally Judd and Sue Wilson. Sally showed us what could happen if we allowed the random to come into our writing and Sue enticed us to explore the telling of truth and lies. The writing was followed by our AGM. The committee was re-elected, though Kate said she would step down at the next AGM. There was a review of the year and our finances. Some discussion of what we could do with the money we have in the bank, though no decision made. 2016 was planned. Two members talked about a personal development/writing course they want to offer as an adjunct to the Lapidus regional meetings.

Saturday 19th September, artist Ruth Collett gently led us through a number of activities exploring the place of dreams in our writing. With words and collage we played with dreams – real, made-up, past and future – and mined them as a resource for our creativity.

Saturday 9th May, ably facilitated by Hilary Jenkins, we explored the work of the late Julia Darling. Poet and artist, Julia Darling, wrote about her cancer and also about the dynamics of the relationship between patient and health professional. She encouraged creative writing as a way towards greater understanding and healing. Using her poems as a starting point, we wrote for ourselves, reflecting on our own experiences of health and being treated for illness. The pieces created were effecting and thought-provoking. We finished the day with a group poem.

28th February 2015, via a wonderful series of writing exercises, Sue Wilson guided us into our own personal labyrinths and out again. First, she gave some context with the historical, spiritual and metaphorical aspects of labyrinths. Then using a labyrinth image we were encouraged to follow where our writing would take us. We even got to learn how to draw a labyrinth of our very own.

On the 6th of December our group meeting used the idea of maps to explore our personal stories. We spent the morning creating a physical map with coloured pens plus papers of many textures and hues; pages and images torn from books; and a myriad of resources which could be clipped and stuck. We then used our maps as a starting point for some personal writing which many of us chose to share. The workshop was ably prepared and facilitated by Sue Spencer.

13th September 2014 Ten of us gathered at the Quaker Meeting House in Scarborough to participate in a workshop called 'Growing into Ourselves: using fairytale narratives to reflect on where we are in our journey'. Objects and pictures plus deeply treasured or hardly remembered images and details from fairy and folk tales were used as stimuli for writing exercises which explored some aspect of our personal lives. Some excellent resultant pieces were shared, while others chose to reflect on the processes our writing had taken us through.

AGM (13th September 2014, 3pm-4pm)

(1) The committee was re-elected, namely Sue Wilson as Chair, Kate Evans as Secretary and Jane Poulton as Treasurer.

(2) Jane reported that with the money taken and expenses of the 13th taken into account, the group has £377 in the bank.

(3) Following a discussion, it was decided that anyone from within the group facilitating a meeting (whether member or non-member of national Lapidus) would pay the members' rate of £10 to attend the meeting. There would also be up to £10 resource money per meeting where necessary and any facilitator wishing to have resource money should contact the committee at least several weeks in advance of the workshop.

(4) It was decided that we would not invite Mari Hannah as a guest speaker. Many thanks were given to Sue Spencer for the work she put into exploring this possibility.

(5) Future meetings: 6th December, facilitator Sue Spencer; 28th February, facilitator Sue Wilson.

(6) Lapidus National Day is the 1st November in Cardiff. Any member of the group wishing to attend in order to represent the group may be able to have funding from national Lapidus.

(7) The new national Lapidus membership secretary and website manager, Mel Parks, was welcomed. There is still some confusion around how to renew with paypal, however, by contacting Mel it is possible to renew using an internet transfer. Her email is Kate has suggested more information on renewing membership could go onto the website.

(8) AoB, various suggestions were put forward re: how to spend the funds the group is accumulating, including a writing retreat for group members. It was also suggested the group could write an article for the Lapidus journal.

Further information: Kate on or 07748163838.

3rd May 2014, During the workshop we took part in writing exercises facilitated by three of our members, Jane Poulton, Glynis Charlton and Sue Wilson. These allowed us to explore: the 'here and now'; secret desires and fears we keep hidden in boxes; and writing with all our senses. Rich and sensual writing was produced which also unpeeled some of our innermost responses and emotions. 

1st February 2014, 10am-4pm, Learning from writing within the Hospice setting: the possibilities of listening. Facilitated by Sue Spencer. Eight of us got together to explore how creative writing might be used within hospice settings. We started with playing with words and then moved onto a number of collaborative poetry exercises which encouraged us all to listen and negotiate.

26th October, 2013, 10am-4pm, Facilitated by Kate Evans and Lesley Glover, 'Writing and the body: Alexander Technique and creative writing’ explored the relationship between writing and the body. Twelve of us gathered to see how 'a whole

self approach

' might influence our creative processes and to listen to what our bodies have to say to us.

Saturday, July 13th 2013 Sue Wilson facilitated an excellent writing workshop around the theme of food. She gently led us through a number of exercises (illustrated by well-chosen poems and prose) which asked us to contemplate:


we love;


we loathe; food and place; food and the passage of time; giving a food a voice; using food metaphors to describe a person. We were then invited to complete a final piece for sharing. All of us discovered that food is a layered and, at times, troubling, topic to unpeel.

 AGM for Lapidus – Humber, Ouse, Tweed

Our group became constituted in April 2012, so this was our first AGM. We have a small committee: Chair, Sue Wilson; Secretary, Kate Evans; Treasurer, initially Hazel Ettridge (resigned Jan 2012), currently Jane Poulton.

Meetings this last year: 28th July 2012, trip to Durham organised by Sue Spencer; 27th October 2012, trip to York (and the Quilt Museum) organised by Hilary Jenkins; January 2013 meeting was postponed to July because of the weather; 27th April 2013, trip to the Captain Cook Museum in Whitby organised by Jane Poulton. At each




around 6-10 participants (a mix of Lapidus members & guests, some guests have subsequently decided to become members).

Treasurer report: we currently have £119 in the kitty (bank account and petty cash). At a committee meeting in April 2013, it was decided to fix rates for ordinary meetings which would stand unless the group decided to do activities where extraordinary costs applied. Lapidus members: £10; non-Lapidus members: £25; non-Lapidus members on


income: £15.

Future: National Lapidus AGM with


by Ted Bowman: 5th-6th October.

Lapidus – Humber, Ouse Tweed meetings: 26th October, ‘Writing and the body: Alexander Technique and creative writing’ facilitated by Kate Evans & Lesley Glover. 1st


2014, Sue Spencer looking at working with creative writing in a hospice (invitation to go to the hospice in Scarborough).

Publicising meetings: Kate Evans to update Lapidus website & through membership lists; Sue Wilson to update Lapidus Facebook page; Sue Spencer to contact NAWE for their e-bulletin.

 Members’ comments: Agreed we liked the Quaker Meeting House as a venue and would continue to use it. It was felt that the Lapidus group was important for offering peer support and that this could, perhaps, be enhanced through a closed peer support group or via email. Sue Wilson agreed to take this forward.

 National Lapidus website: This is, along with the journal and

cut price

meetings, one of the perks of being a Lapidus member as it can be used to publicise member events and to network. Kate Evans is now one of the people who


the website, so local members can send anything they want to add to it to her.

Saturday 27th of April 2013 saw seven of us gathering for our Humber-Ouse-Tees Lapidus workshop at the James Cook museum in Whitby. And what an inspiring time we had of it. A guided tour of the exhibits was followed by a series of interesting facilitated writing exercises around the topic of objects and journeys. We all came up with some great pieces, many of which will prove to be starting points for more extended work I am sure.
It is the untold story which often snags a writer and a number in our group were drawn to Mrs Cook. She lived until she was 93, having been widowed and lost all her six children from middle age. What had happened to her? What had been her background? What was it like for her, apparently a 'poor traveller', to have her husband circumventing the world? These and many other questions clamoured for an answer as we gazed on her bonneted face looking back at us from her portrait.
Lapidus promotes creative writing and reading for health and wellbeing. During our time together on Saturday, I was told about a recent Radio 4 documentary on the subject. I managed to track it down and it is, indeed, worth a listen: It made me consider once again the difference between Pennebaker's expressive writing, which invites people to write freely about an emotionally charged subject, and what I try to do with creative writing. I also invite people to write freely about emotionally charged subjects, however, and I think this is crucial, creative writing techniques also supply tools for bringing perspective and order into chaos in a healing way.