Lapidus Scotland

Lapidus Scotland holds and facilitates a wide variety of bibliotherapy practitioner events throughout Scotland.  While primarily based in Glasgow, we have hosted over 30 events with over 400 people throughout Scotland over the period of 2014 to present, in Glasgow, Fife, The Highlands and South Lanarkshire.  We also offer a yearly residential courses at the Whatton Lodge in picturesque East Lothian, which bring together bibliotherapy practitioners from all over the world.  Our events are aimed at bibliotherapy practitioners, users of bibliotherapy services, and anyone interested in

Lapidus Scotland delivered Bibliotherapy Trainings Scotland-Wide during June 2016. Participants  learned about leading therapeutic creative reading and writing sessions for individuals and groups in various settings. Training also referred to Lapidus’ website - a bibliotherapy toolkit for facilitators.

Words Work Well Training in Bibliotherapy read more here

Lapidus Scotland Plans for 2017/18

Words Work Well for All 

Developing a National Support Network for Creative Use of the Written and Spoken Word for Wellbeing and Self-Management


Create a self-sustaining national network of facilitators and learning resources to support people across Scotland to use creative reading, writing and storytelling for wellbeing and self-management.


  • People and their carers living at home or in residential care with long term physical and mental health conditions, including dementia and learning disabilities, are enabled to live well in their communities. This is facilitated by the personal wellbeing, sense of self and connectedness to others resulting from creative use of words.
  • People who want to improve their wellbeing, whether or not they have a health condition, access support in using literature and storytelling to empower them to thrive in their communities.
  • Health and social care organisations recognise the value of creative reading, writing and storytelling in improving wellbeing,  and as preventative and early interventions, reducing later need for intensive clinical input. They use the Words Work Well Network, drawing support  from their staff, third sector organisations, libraries and other community sources.
  • A boundary-spanning national network of  facilitators from health and social care, public libraries,  third sector, and community volunteers, support people in creative use of written and spoken words for personal wellbeing and self-management.



  • Definition of a learning framework for Words Work Well for All facilitators, with online and print learning resources and delivery methods.
  • Creation of a “train the trainer” model, with a core group of champions training a network of facilitators.
  • Delivery of an interactive digital learning resource which enables people to participate remotely in creative use of words.
  • Establishing roles and processes for a mutually supportive network of facilitators, collaborating to provide Words Work Well support to people at time and place of need.

Communication and engagement to reach facilitators, service users and carers across health, social care and the wider community.

For more details please see the draft-annual-report-2015-16

Contact Janey Walker or Larry Butler for further details.