Lapidus Leeds – Bradford

Terri Simpson, Lapidus Leeds and Bradford Co-ordinator writes: "We had a good workshop in January, based on some of the exercises in John Fox’s brilliant book ‘Poetic Medicine’, which I led, then in the afternoon Ravinder Kullar led a mindfulness session which led to more original writing. It was the first time we’d been to the Heart Centre in Headingley and we all liked the space and the atmosphere of the place. There were 8 of us (and several apologies) so the group feels in a healthy state at the moment. We decided that we liked the idea of two of us taking a day (11 – 4) session, and we’ll use that format again for the next workshop, which  Siobhan McMahon and Nana-Essi Caseley-Hayford will lead in March or April."

Feedback from a participant on the workshop on Mindfulness & Writing with Ravinder Kullar: ‘I really appreciated Ravinder's awareness and care that she put into planning and facilitating the workshop. A gentle and safe space to relax and meditate, write and enjoy the company of others was created and the exercises were especially useful for me. I was able to engage and write more easily from the heart centre where we focused for much of the day with meditation and guidance. I particularly appreciated this approach. A beautiful workshop Ravinder. Thank you'