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Lapidus International Events

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Lapidus Summer Festival 2022

A day of writing and wellbeing and connection

Saturday August 6th 2022 - 10:30am to 2:00pm

Facilitators: Val Watson, Dr Jeannie Wright, Dr Kim Etherington

Summer Festival
On 6th August, we will be gathering online once again for another Lapidus festival!
Join us for a selection of short workshops which will give you the opportunity to explore small ideas to do with writing for wellbeing, connect with other Lapidus members and maybe provide a prompt to take away and build/reflect upon after the festival is complete.
Sounds like something you would be interested in? Grab a pen and paper and sign on up!
Take part in some or all of the day - it us up to you. This online festival will leave its doors open for you to pop in and out as you choose. We have also built in lots of breaks so you can go grab a drink and stretch your legs. No one likes Zoom fatigue - especially us.


10:30am - Festival opens, settling in time, and welcome.

10:45am – I have a list... by Val Watson

Long or short, action based or works of fantasy we make lists on paper and in our heads for all sorts of reasons. Lists can help us try and create a sense of order and calm, can help us to prioritise tasks, remind us about our learning, our favourites and can shape our actions and goals. In this workshop we will explore a few lists as a way into writing about how and who we are.

11:15am - First break.

11:30am –  Anchor you, fortify you and surprise you by Dr Jeannie Wright

Why write your life story? Last year, in an article to promote a version of Dreams from My Father adapted for young adults, Barak Obama talked about writing his memoir to help him figure out his future. In the introduction he says:

‘In writing it, I was able to dwell inside the lives of my parents and grandparents, the landscapes, cultures and histories. They carried, the values and judgements that shaped them- and that in turn shaped me… The act of writing is exactly that powerful. It’s a chance to be inquisitive with yourself, to preserve the world, confront your limits, walk in the shoes of others, and try new ideas.’

We’ll write some stories of your life, with the encouragement of a few other Nobel prize winners.

Creative writing for therapeutic purposes and for reflective practice has been a constant thread in a nomadic career. I still teach and supervise research at the University of Malta, where I am visiting professor. Maybe it’s age, but I seem to want to know more about where I came from as I get older.

12:00pm - Lunch Break

1:00pm - Welcome back - short writing prompt

1:15pm – ‘Talk that sings: re-presenting research’ by Dr Kim Etherington

‘Talk that sings: re-presenting research’

In this session we will explore ‘talk that sings’ – a term I was introduced to many years ago

by Johnella Bird, co- founder of the Family Therapy Centre in Auckland, New Zealand. 

The aim of this short session is to introduce participants to a creative way of re-presenting the stories (data) that research participants offer us. My focus is on the ways I have used these ideas in my book ‘Trauma, Drug Misuse and Transforming Identities: a life story approach’. This is a study I undertook with nine men and women who told me their stories of how they linked their drug misuse with their experiences of childhood trauma, and subsequently found ways to transform their sense of self and identity. Participants will be invited to read a short excerpt from a transcript from this research and notice the words, phrases, and metaphors that ‘stop you in your tracks’. You will then have space to use them to create poetic stanzas that capture the heart and meaning of the spoken words.

Bird, Johnella. (2000) The Hearts Narrative: Therapy and Navigating Life's Contradictions by published by Edge Press: Auckland New Zealand.  

Etherington, Kim. (2007) Trauma, Drug Mis-use and Transforming Identities: a Life Story approach. Jessica Kingsley Pubs:  London: 

2:00pm - 2:15pm - End of Festival, goodbyes and thanks.

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About the Facilitators:

Dr Kim Etherington is a Professor Emerita of Narrative and Life Story Research (University of Bristol), BACP Fellow and senior accredited counsellor and supervisor, and accredited EMDR practitioner. She is Co-Director of Research for Lapidus and Co-Editor of LIRIC, the Lapidus journal.

Dr Jeannie Wright has been a member of Lapidus almost since its beginnings. Now in a Lapidus group based in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and South Yorkshire, we identify with Robin Hood. She has taught and researched in several universities and practised writing for wellbeing in community agencies internationally. She has been a reviewer and editorial board member of journals mostly connected to talking therapies and is delighted to be part of the new Lapidus journal, LIRIC. Reflective writing in counselling and psychotherapy’ is now in a 2nd edition with Sage. Editing books like ‘Writing Cures’ and producing other publications that show how fantastically useful creative writing is will continue and she is now writing more poetry and fiction

Val Watson is an independent counselling and psychotherapy practitioner, supervisor, coach, consultant and trainer. She has worked in education settings for over 30 years and has extensive voluntary work experience with community-based organisations and projects. She has a passion for racial justice, a continuing interest in community work and learning about equalities issues and change. Val has published chapters in edited texts on race and counsellor education. She has recently stepped down from her role as Head of a University Counselling Service for students and staff. Whilst in that role Val discovered and built on the therapeutic benefits of journaling and letter writing.

Event Admin:

Richard Axtell is a children's writer who went into the wrong room and ended up as an administrator for multiple arts and wellbeing companies. They have been an administrator for Lapidus for 5 years and have coordinated writing for wellbeing events across the UK, including two Creative Bridges conferences. If you have a question about Lapidus, you can email them on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We apologise for any jokes they make in advance.