With the start if this new month, we are happy to announce our plans to change Lapidus International's name to a new, improved name: Writey Alrighty.

"We think it's a really cool name," says the chair of Lapidus, Barbara Bloomfield. "It really says what we believe in: that if you write, you'll feel alright." 

We are also happy to unveil our new logo for you all to see right here, right now:


"There's something about the Times New Roman font that really screams 'We know words, and also computers and stuff'," says completely competent coordinator, Richard Axtell. "And the smiley face just confirms that writing will, in fact, make you feel alright. Which is the whole point really, if you think about it." 

Lapidus International... sorry Writey Alrighty... feels this change of name will help its members feel alright. Maybe even give them a little smile on the strange and uncertain days that we currently live in.

After all, no one wants to feel like a fool in April!