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In response to members’ requests and suggestions, Lapidus International is producing a number of brief information sheets about writing for wellbeing and its practice.  These are based on the experiences of Lapidus members (each quarter a brief questionnaire is sent out to members exploring a particular area of practice) and reflect the broad and inclusive Lapidus community.  They are aimed at people who are interested in the field of writing for wellbeing as well as budding practitioners.

The intention behind each sheet is to give a sense of the topic under discussion and to provide a starting point for further exploration.  This will help you pursue the appropriate training and supervision.


The topics are listed below and will be updated as more are produced:


What is writing for wellbeing? 

The purpose of this information sheet is to give a sense of the field of practice, its nature and participation, and a guide to the essential features of successful work.  It is aimed at those who are beginning to discover writing for wellbeing and those who are budding practitioners.


How to create a safe setting for writing for wellbeing?

A safe setting is one of the main characteristics that can affect the success of a session.  This ‘How to’ guide outlines areas and actions that can influence building a safe and secure environment to explore writing for wellbeing.  


Do you want to help us develop future guides in this series? Take our questionnaire!

The next planned topic in this series is: How to plan a writing for wellbeing session. If you're an experienced writing for wellbeing practitioner with knowledge to share why not take our questionnaire to help use develop the next guide?

You can find the questionnaire here: