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Writing for Wellbeing workshops with individuals, small groups and business groups in Cheltenham, introducing people to how developing a reflective writing habit can help them manage some of the ups and downs of daily life. Creative Writing workshops aimed at people with an interest in writing who would like to try a variety of genres to see which might fit better with their ideas or style of writing -  or ‘stuck’ writers who would like to try a different writing genre or who just need time to WRITE! - to get the ink flowing again in a safe, respectful space.

Patricia Fleming t/as Writing Your Self

Location of Practice:
South West , Cheltenham

BA (Hons) First Class Creative Writing, Post-graduate Certificate in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes, Introduction to Counselling Skills

Skills & Interests:
I love working with people and seeing them discover the benefits of Writing for Wellbeing, and to see, over time, how this can build into a sustainable, self-care strategy. I also enjoy seeing how this increased confidence with writing can develop into ‘dipping a toe’ into the waters of creative writing, even for people who initially might have felt this was completely out of their comfort zone. I have worked with business groups going through organizational change and have been able to provide a basic toolkit of self-care to staff who are sometimes feeling overwhelmed, where perhaps the best thing is that you only need a pen and some paper and as little as 10 minutes to make a difference to the rest of your day.

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