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I have worked in private practice since 2014  with adults, adolescents and couples as a person-centred psychotherapist and counsellor. My approach is person-centred close to the concept of relational depth expressed by Mearns. I have wide clinical experience in the voluntary sectory with work on a suicide helpline, with the elderly, with children at Tadworth Children's hospital, and an internship on a long-term psychiatric ward. I find my own inner balance with the creative use of mindfulness and meditation, and have trained in MBSR and MBCT.  Before training as a therapist I ran a local online magazine 'Le Mag' Azur' devoted to cultural events and portrayals of local personalities. I have participated in various writing workshops over the past twenty years and have published a collection of novellas in 2001. Other work experience inludes language teaching in a local community centre, at a regional business school in France and at university level. On a personal level I have lived with my partner in the south of France for the past 30 years and love hiking with friends in the mountains near where I live. I have two adult daughters. For most of my life since leaving the town in Northern Ireland where I grew up, I have lived in multi-lingual environments with people from all parts of the world which maybe explains my deep interest in the dynamics of belonging and unbelonging in our relationships with ourselves and others.  

Carol McCloskey

Location of Practice:
France, Antibes

CPD Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes Metanoia Institute 2022 Agrément de Psycho-praticienne agréée AFP-ACP 2019 European Certificate Person-Centred and Experiential Psychotherapy and Counselling 2019 Ecole du Couple CPD Couples counselling 2016 Certification Counseling and Psychotherapies Person-Centred Approach Institute France 2014 British Focusing Association BFA Certificate in Focusing Skills 2020 Université Paris 7 Masters 2 littérature et psycho-analyse University of Oxford BA Hon English language and literature 1986

Skills & Interests:
Person-centred counsellor and therapist in private practice, life in France since 1990. Writing has been a continuous thread in my experience, a way of absorbing loss, of making sense of experience, appreciating relationships and nature, playfully uncovering details, patterns and connections. As a therapist I have a trauma-informed approach and in writing for well-being, compassion-focussed self-care nourishes creativity and is a key to working with life's difficulties. I offer one to one online sessions in creative writing for well-being and themed workshops working with characters and voices, inner critic/inner mentor, myth and archetypes, endings and beginnings, writing the body, going on writing, and other subjects. I live in a multi-cultural environment and I welcome diversity. I facilitate small groups to develop writing tools and resources to create a sustainable, healing writing practice. CPD Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes Metanoia 2021 Literature was my first love and proof early in life of how all human beings share the attempt to live happily in a world of such suffering and beauty. I have studied literature and have an ongoing personal writing practice, publishing a novella collection in 2001

Contact Details:
carol.mccloskey (at) bbox (dot) fr, 00 (33) 6 01 82 53 72

Website & Social Media:
Writing for wellbeing workshops and booking form LinkedIn (psychotherapy practice)