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I am an Integrative Psychotherapist in private practice, working with adults, children and young people as individuals and in groups.  I work in a variety of settings including hospice, community mental health, care homes, schools. I work with people: who are receiving palliative and end of life care; people who are bereaved; people experiencing challenges with their mental health and wellbeing; people affected by dementia. In my practice I support access to writing for wellbeing and other creative tools, as a way to find voice to explore and express thoughts and feelings of life and living, death and dying. My work with children is based around ‘the stories of Harriett’ – here we explore emotional intelligence in response to our emotions, and in finding a sense of self.

Diane Hinchliffe

Location of Practice:
North East UK, Barnsley

Diploma – Relational Integrative Psychotherapy Diploma – Creative Therapeutic Methods Certificate - Palliative Care for Complementary Therapists Diploma - Social Artistry, Personal and Collective Evolvement Certificate – Counselling Skills & Theory BA (Hons) Professional Studies Youth & Community Work

Skills & Interests:
Poetry Therapist | Psychotherapist | Creative Therapist | Published Author I am a published author of ‘poetry’. I enjoy working creatively with individuals and groups to find ways of self-expression that encourage self-reflection, with a view to inform their personal growth and promote good mental health and wellbeing. I support the writing of others through the offer of therapeutic workshops, creating safe spaces in which to work with some of their deepest thoughts and feelings that may not otherwise find space for voice. I believe that by allowing the ‘unspoken’ to become spoken, seen, heard and validated, there is rich opportunity for change in our lives.

Contact Details:
dianehinchliffe (at) blueyonder (dot) co (dot) uk

Website & Social Media: