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Sherbet Lemons - A Book Review by Elizabeth Dunford

Like those fizzy yellow treats, Tee Francis’ poems are often bittersweet - and sparkle with wit.

She explores the personal and the political: poems about cotton buds, left-over Christmas trees and insomnia jostle with a cleverly rhyming Ode to Jeremy Hunt and a satirical monologue in the voice of a Brexit-voting ex-pat who – surprise, surprise - prefers to live in Spain. There are tenderly erotic love lyrics (Hymn for Him, Communion, Silent Treatment) and poems which celebrate the beauty of the Dorset countryside where she lives (On Walking to Fleet Church). There are some very funny poems which were written for Spoken Word performance but, even on the page, made this reader laugh out loud (Slots, Forbidden Pleasures).

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Love & Loss: Creative Therapeutic Writing on Relationships - a book review by Elizabeth Dunford

Love & Loss: creative therapeutic writing on relationships

Monica Suswin

Cabin Press

In this short book, Monica Suswin explores the universal experience of love and loss – and how creative therapeutic writing can help us make sense of it.

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Reflective Writing in Counselling and Psychotherapy - A Book Review by Elizabeth Dunford

Reflective Writing in Counselling and Psychotherapy

Jeannie Wright

Sage Publishing 2018

Although the title implies this book is designed for counsellors and psychotherapists, I believe it is potentially helpful for many others. Facilitators of writing for wellbeing and personal development will find it a rich source of stimulating ideas and exercises. Individuals seeking to improve self-awareness – whether as part of reflective practice in a work setting, or simply to grow as a human being – can use this book as a practical guide.

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