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From the Desk: Fast-forward February

It's February already? Weren't we just watching the fireworks and singing Auld Lang Syne just a few days ago? 

Exciting developments!

We're trying to take steps this year for a bigger and better Lapidus International. First off, the board have created a new sub-committee, chaired by board member Bev Murray, under the name Lapidus International Action. Their job? Well, to put things into action! The sub-committee will have a more formal introduction here soon, as they are still finding their feet, but word on the street is that they are looking at developing networking opportunities and resources for Lapidus. Stay tuned for more updates on that!


We are still in the first quarter of the year and Lapidus has already announced its first event: Wellbeing and Writing on the 23rd & 24th March in Newcastle. You can read all about the event on our event page here but we are hoping for it to be a big one. A weekend jam-packed with talks and workshops from Debbie Taylor of Mslexia, New Writing North and our very own Lapidus Research team - please come along, join us and write!


Creative Bridges International early bird tickets are now on sale. A little bird has told me that their timetable is almost complete and will be up on their website shortly. It's shaping up to be another fantastic and inspiring event. I can't wait to see you there.

Also, a date for your diary: the Lapidus International AGM this year will be held on Saturday November 23rd. More information on a venue coming soon!



I'm happy to announce that the 'A Moment of Kindness' e-book is currently being made, full of our shortlisted competition winners, and will be available on the website soon. Keep your eyes peeled for the next writing competition, which will be announced later this year. Talking about books, have you noticed that our Little Book of Writing Prompts is available in our store? Why not grab a copy while you're here?

Things I am looking forward to:

  • -   Wellbeing and Writing event! I've never been to Newcastle before!
  • -   Sharing the Creative Bridges International Timetable with you all.
  • -   Doing the first International consultation for the Lapidus Research.

Things I am thinking about:

  • -   What resources does this website need? How can we develop them to benefit the members?
  • -   What will the prompt for our next writing competition be?
  • -   If cats could talk, would they rule the world?

Richard Axtell is the Lapidus International Coordinator and a children's writer. He's written multiple stories for the reading app Atlas Mission to help first-time readers. His first book will be published soon, once he has figured out a title for it. You can find out what he is up to on his website: 

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Saturday, 13 April 2024

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