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Groups Report - Lapidus International AGM 2017

The following report was submitted by Barbara Bloomfield, Director of Groups for the Lapidus International AGM 2017:

The grandly titled Welcome Pack Task Force is hard at work creating a warm welcome for new members and for new and existing Lapidus groups. We realised that we need to explain more about how Lapidus works and what Lapidus can do for you. Many thanks to Sally Givertz, Asha Sahni and Richard Axtell for joining me on the task force.

As part of the development of our new website, in 2017 we were able to update all our local, regional, national and international contacts. Contacts for all these groups can be found on our website.  We were also able to help members in a cold spot around Sheffield/Chesterfield to find each other through our Facebook groups and they are setting up a new Lapidus hub there. 

I was pleased to attend the launch of Lapidus Wales/Lapidus Cymru this autumn and the Board hosted Larry Butler from Lapidus Scotland to dinner in July this year.
It was lovely to meet some of our international members at the summer conference, including Chanda Cune from Israel and two representatives from Finland who gave an excellent session at the conference.  

And I’ve had contact with many members abroad on my Australian trip and via Skype with Susanna Suchak in Canada. I’d like to thank all local, regional, national and international members for their work and enthusiasm this year keeping groups energetic and giving up time to help the Board of Lapidus.

I cannot attend the AGM for family reasons but I would like to continue as Director of Groups, also taking on the role as Secretary of Lapidus. It’s a great pleasure to be part of developing this wonderful organisation with my vibrant colleagues on the Board.

Best wishes,

Barbara Bloomfield

Writing, Coffee and Conversation
Chair's Report - Lapidus International AGM 2017

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